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 230 USAAuAnn Arbor, Mich.University Library, University of Michigansiteouvrages
 231 USAUAurora, N.Y.Wells College Librarysiteouvrages
 232 USAUSAustin, Tex.The University of Texassiteouvrages
 233 USBaBoston, Mass.Boston Atheneum Librarysiteouvrages
 234 USBecBoston, Mass.New England Conservatory of Music Librarysiteouvrages
 235 USBhBoston, Mass.Harvard Musical Association Librarysiteouvrages
 236 USBpBoston, Mass.Music Department, Boston Public Librarysiteouvrages
 237 USBprBoston, Mass.Rare Book Department, Boston Public Librarysiteouvrages
 238 USBABaltimore, Md.Peabody Institute Librarysiteouvrages
 239 USBEBerkeley, Calif.Music Library University of California at Berkeleysiteouvrages
 240 USBERBerea, OhioRitter Library, Baldwin Wallace Collegesiteouvrages
 241 USBERaBerea, OhioE. and K. Riemenschneider Memorial Bach Librarysiteouvrages
 242 USBLmBloomington, Ind.Music Library University of Indianasiteouvrages
 243 USBUBuffalo, N.Y.Public Library (Grosvenor Reference Division, Buffalo, NY)ouvrages
 244 USCnChicago, Ill.Newberry Librarysiteouvrages
 245 USCuChicago, Ill.University of Chicago Librarysiteouvrages
 246 USCumChicago, Ill.Music Library, University of Chicagositeouvrages
 247 USCACambridge, Mass.Harvard University Music Librarysiteouvrages
 248 USCAcCambridge, Mass.Harvard College Librarysiteouvrages
 249 USCAeCambridge, Mass.Eda Kuhn Loeb Music Library, Harvard Universitysiteouvrages
 250 USCAhCambridge, Mass.Houghton Library, Harvard Universitysiteouvrages
 251 USCHCharlottesville, Va.Aderman Library, University of Virginiasiteouvrages
 252 USCHmCharlottesville, Va.Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundsiteouvrages
 253 USCH-HChapel Hill, N.C.Music Library, University of North Carolinasiteouvrages
 254 USClpCinccinati, OhioCinccinati Public Librarysiteouvrages
 255 USCLpCleveland, OhioCleveland Public Library, Fine Arts Departementsiteouvrages
 256 USCLwrCleveland, OhioWestern Reserve University Librarysiteouvrages
 257 USCNCharleston, S.C.The South Carolina Historical Societysiteouvrages
 258 USCOsmColombus, OhioMusic Library, Ohio State Universitysiteouvrages
 259 USCOLColumbia, S.C.The University of South Carolinasiteouvrages
 260 USDpDetroit, Mich.Detroit Public Librarysiteouvrages
 261 USDwuDetroit, Mich.Wayne State University Librarysiteouvrages
 262 USDNDenton, Tex.North Texas State University Librarysiteouvrages
 263 USEEvanston, Ill.Garret Biblical Institutesiteouvrages
 264 USEuEvanston, Ill.Northwestern University Librariessiteouvrages
 265 USFFlushing, N.Y.Queen's College Librarysiteouvrages
 266 USHAHanover, N.H.Baker Library, Darmouth Collegesiteouvrages
 267 USIIthaca, N.Y.Music Library, Cornel Universitysiteouvrages
 268 USIOIowa City, la.Music Library, State University of Iowasiteouvrages
 269 USLALos Angeles, Calif.William Andrews Clark Memorial Library Universitysiteouvrages
 270 USLEXLexington, Ky.University Librarysiteouvrages
 271 USLOsLouisville, Ky.Southern Baptist Theological Seminarysiteouvrages
 272 USLTLatrobe, Pa.St. Vincent College Librarysiteouvrages
 273 USMIMiddletown, Conn.Olin Library, Wesleyan Universitysiteouvrages
 274 USMSMinneapolis, Min.The Minneapolis Public Librarysiteouvrages
 275 USMSuMinneapolis, Min.The University of Minnesotasiteouvrages
 276 USMUMuncie, Ind.Ball State Teachers College Librarysiteouvrages
 277 USNscNorthampton, Mass.Smith College Librarysiteouvrages
 278 USNHNew Haven, Conn.School of Music Library, Yale Universitysiteouvrages
 279 USN-ORNew Orleans, La.Tulane Universitysiteouvrages
 280 USNYccNew York, N.Y.City College Librarysiteouvrages
 281 USNYcuNew York, N.Y.Music Library, Columbia Universitysiteouvrages
 282 USNYmNew York, N.Y.The Metropolitan Museum of Artsiteouvrages
 283 USNYpNew York, N.Y.Music Division, New York Public Librarysiteouvrages
 284 USNYpmNew York, N.Y.Pierpont Morgan Librarysiteouvrages
 285 USOOxford, OhioMiami University Librarysiteouvrages
 286 USOBOberlin, OhioOberlin College Conservatory Librarysiteouvrages
 287 USPcPittsburgh, PaCarnegie Library of Pittsburghsiteouvrages
 288 USPuPittsburgh, PaUniversity of Pittsburgh Librarysiteouvrages
 289 USPHfPhiladelphia, PaFree Library of Philadelphiasiteouvrages
 290 USPHlcPhiladelphia, PaLibrary Company of Philadelphiasiteouvrages
 291 USPHpsPhiladelphia, PaAmerican Philosophical Societysiteouvrages
 292 USPHuPhiladelphia, PaUniversity of Pennsylvania Librarysiteouvrages
 293 USPOPoughkeepsie, N.Y.Vassar College Librarysiteouvrages
 294 USPRuPrinceton, N.J.Princeton University Librarysiteouvrages
 295 USRRochester, N.Y.Sibley Music Library, Eastman School of Musicsiteouvrages
 296 USRIRichmond, VaVirginia State Librarysiteouvrages
 297 USSESelinsgrove, Penn.Susquehanna Universitysiteouvrages
 298 USSFsSan Francisco, Calif.The Sutro Librarysiteouvrages
 299 USSFscSan Francisco, Calif.The Franck V. De Bellis Collection, San Franciscositeouvrages
 300 USSHSouth Hadley, Mass.Williston Memorial Library, Mount Holyoke Collegesiteouvrages
 301 USSLgSt. Louis, MoGaylord Music Library, Washington Universitysiteouvrages
 302 USSMSan Marino, Calif.Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallerysiteouvrages
 303 USSTmStanford, Calif.Music Library, Stanford Universitysiteouvrages
 304 USSYSyracuse, N.Y.Syracuse University Librarysiteouvrages
 305 USUUrbana, Ill.University of Illinois Librarysiteouvrages
 306 USUPUniversity Park, Penn.The Pennsylvania State University Librarysiteouvrages
 307 USWcgWashington, D.C.General Collections, Library of Congresssiteouvrages
 308 USWcmWashington, D.C.Music Division, Library of Congresssiteouvrages
 309 USWcrWashington, D.C.Rare Book Collection, Library of Congresssiteouvrages
 310 USWcuWashington, D.C.Washington Catholic University of Americasiteouvrages
 311 USWCWaco, TexasBaylor University Librarysiteouvrages
 312 USWEWellesley, Mass.Wellesley College, Music Departmentsiteouvrages
 313 USWMWaltham, Mass.Brandeis Universitysiteouvrages
 314 USW-SWinston-Salem, N.C.Moravian Music Foundation (Peters Memorial Library)siteouvrages
 397 USWcWashington (D.C.)Library of congress, Music divisionouvrages
 398 USPHhsPhiladelphia, PaHistorical Society of Pennsylvania Libraryouvrages
 404 USNypNew York, N.Y.New York Public Library at Lincoln Centerouvrages
 406 USSSeattle, Wash.Music Library, University of Washingtonouvrages

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